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Students can now book a free and fast asymptomatic covid-19 test on campus.

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Everything you need to know about end of term arrangements.

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Updated 27 November 2020

Testing and end of term arrangements

Book an asymptomatic covid-19 test.

We experienced a glitch with the Microsoft asymptomatic lateral flow test booking system which has now been fixed. If you are a student and made a booking for a test between 7pm and midnight on Wednesday 25 November and did not receive a booking confirmation please rebook your test. If the booking system is displaying a ‘server busy’ message, please refresh your browser and try again in 5 minutes.

If you’re a student wishing to leave your university accommodation for the winter break you are encouraged to do so as soon as you can during the Government’s ‘student travel window’ between 3 and 9 December. Face to face teaching will now end on 9 December to accommodate this.

Students can book a free and fast asymptomatic lateral flow test on campus. These tests are for people who aren’t showing coronavirus symptoms and are available on campus between 30 November and 9 December.  

National restrictions and tier system

The Government announced national restrictions throughout England from Thursday 5 November until at least 2 December, in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It has now been announced that on 2 December, Leeds and the rest of West Yorkshire will go into tier 3, or very high alert.

The Government has been clear that universities and other education settings will remain open during this period.

Campus will remain open and will continue to operate in a covid-secure way, with the safety of staff and students remaining our top priority. Current arrangements for delivering research, teaching and learning and the student experience will continue. Read our latest email to students sent on 4 November.

The new restrictions mean there are some changes to campus services and requirements for wearing face coverings.

If you are a student or member of staff, let us know if you are self-isolating or have tested positive for coronavirus so we can support you.

Please view the Leeds City Council website to ensure you understand the current restrictions and advice for residents in Leeds, after an increase in rates of transmission of covid-19 in the city.

We will be working hard to ensure any key national announcements and adjustments to lockdown measures are carefully reviewed and that any changes at the University are shared with you in advance.

Supporting students and staff

Please see our information about how we can support you if you have symptoms or test positive or coronavirus, or need to self-isolate. To ensure we are clear and transparent with you, the page also includes our student and staff case statistics.

You must not attend campus if you have any symptoms. Please stay at home and follow the government advice to book a test through the NHS Test and Trace service.

If you need to self-isolate or receive a positive test, you must let the University know by emailing, visiting our reporting Covid webpage or calling 0113 3438777. If you live in University accommodation please also report to them that you are self-isolating.

Find out how we can work together to stay safe.

Attending campus

Students and staff can and should continue to attend campus for face-to-face teaching activity, use the library and study spaces and to carry out work if you are required to be on site. Students can still socialise with people they live with either in private accommodation or a hall of residence and participate in the social activities provided on campus, so long as they remain in their household.

Updates about face-to-face teaching were sent to staff and students  on 25 September 2020.

View our information about which services on campus are open and where you are required to wear a facemask.

Student education for 2020-21

Teaching for new and returning undergraduates began as planned on 28 September 2020. Different plans are in place for postgraduate taught students.

Teaching activities with large numbers of students will go ahead using digital technology, and will be interactive and engaging. Teaching in small-group settings will be delivered face to face on campus where it is safe, practicable and advantageous to teaching outcomes or is necessary, for example laboratory and practical based work. However, in instances where those criteria cannot be met, the University is recommending that teaching should be moved online. Decisions about the appropriate approach will be made by academic staff in schools.
• Current students – read more about the plans for the new academic year
• Staff information – read the email sent to all staff on 26 August and an email sent from the Vice-Chancellor to all staff on 25 September.

Working arrangements for staff

We expect the majority of staff to continue to work remote remotely while social distancing remains in force.

Staff asked to carry out work on campus or able to resume research on campus will receive appropriate notification.

More information about the plans for the new academic year  was emailed to all staff on 26 August.

Information for prospective students

If you’re an applicant or offer holder please visit our coronavirus information FAQs for prospective students.

Updates to this website

Updates will be published through

Information published is correct at the time of posting. This is a rapidly changing situation so please keep checking back for updates.


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