Booking now open for asymptomatic (Lateral Flow) coronavirus testing

Email issued to all students: 25 November 2020
From: Student Communications
Subject: Booking now open for asymptomatic (Lateral Flow) coronavirus testing

Dear students,

Many of you will be finalising your plans for the winter break. If you are planning to leave your term time address for the holidays you are encouraged to do so as soon as you can during the Government’s ‘student travel window’ between 3 and 9 December. Face to face teaching will now end on Wednesday 9 December to accommodate this.

To enable you to travel with confidence you can now book a free and fast asymptomatic lateral flow test on campus. These tests are for people who aren’t showing coronavirus symptoms and are available on campus between Monday 30 November and Wednesday 9 December. Please be aware that if you test negative you are advised to take a second test three days later before travelling. Please allow for this when arranging your travel.

When can I travel?

We are encouraging you to book a test and travel as early as you can within the travel window, depending on your face-to-face teaching timetable.

Why book a test?

The asymptomatic lateral flow test will indicate if you are infectious even if you aren’t showing any symptoms. This will enable you to isolate if you need to and prevent the virus from spreading, travel safely and protect the people you are staying with.

Booking a test early will ensure you have time to take the tests you need to and self-isolate if your test is positive.

Book a test now

Making a booking

To book a test:

  • sign in with your university account ( to register on the booking site
  • confirm your details and the date and time you want to book your test
  • if required, select the option to book an accessible testing booth
  • you will receive a booking confirmation shortly after by email, please keep this safe. It confirms your appointment time and information about what you need to bring to the testing centre, which includes your phone, or whichever electronic device you want your test results sending to.

Web traffic to the bookings site is likely to be very high. If you find you can’t access the bookings page first time, please refresh the page or try again after 5 minutes.

What happens at the test centre?

At the test centre, you will be asked to complete your registration on your phone or whichever electronic device you wish to use. Once registered, you will be asked to complete the testing process. This should take around 20 minutes. The tests are self-administered and you will be told what you need to do. If you need help taking the test, please tell the staff when you arrive at the test centre.

Your results will be sent to you by SMS or email by NHS Test and Trace, typically within a few hours. Please check your junk folder if you do not receive this.

Find more information and answers to questions you may have about what happens at the test centre.

Your test results

Negative result?

The Lateral Flow test is not as reliable as the PCR test used by the NHS to test those who have symptoms. If your test is negative you are advised to take a second test three days later to strengthen the validity of the results. If this test is also negative you must travel as soon as you can (and within 24hrs) of receiving the results.

Positive result?

If your test is positive you are legally required to self-isolate and travel ten days after the result of your asymptomatic test, or ten days after the start of your symptoms (if you develop symptoms after the test). If you test positive for the virus the NHS Test and Trace service will contact you to help track who you may have been in contact with.

If you receive a positive result you may also be required to take a PCR test, like the ones that can be booked in the Gryphon Sports Centre.

We ask all members of our community to also report a positive test to the University using our reporting process. This allows us to support you while you are self-isolating. Find more information about support and help available from the University.

What if I am a close contact of someone who tests positive?

If you are identified by NHS Test and Trace as a close contact of someone who has tested positive, you can make your journey, as long as you have a negative test result. You will need to continue self-isolation when you reach your destination for a period of 14 days in total. You must use private transport wherever possible. If you have no other option than to use public transport you should strictly observe social distancing measures, wear a face covering and wash hands thoroughly and regularly during the journey.

More information and FAQs about asymptomatic (LFT) testing can be found on the coronavirus website.

Book a test now

What happens to my data?

The test sample you provide will be controlled by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) which may, depending on the outcome of the test, share your data with the NHS Test and Trace service. Staff at the Test Centre will need to access the data that you enter in the booking system in order to verify your identity and to keep a record of the number of appointments that were kept (this information will be anonymised at the end of every day). The University will not share your data with any third party.

Your information will be deleted from the booking system by the end of the autumn term. You can decide, at any point, to have your information deleted from the system (either before or after you attend an appointment) by contacting

The University is not the controller for the sample that you provide at the Test Centre, it will be owned by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC).  They may, depending on the outcome of your test results, share your data with the NHS Test and Trace service.  Please refer to their privacy notice for further information.

Please tick the box on the booking form to indicate that you consent to the processing of the personal data that you enter into the booking system, and that you understand that the test sample you provide will be controlled by the DHSC.

Book a test now

Staying in Leeds over the winter break?

There will be lots of activities happening on campus and some services will remain open for those of you who will be staying in Leeds over the holidays We will soon share more information about this and the support that will be available through our newsletter, social media and website For Students.

Want more information?

Thanks to your feedback we have updated the FAQs on the coronavirus website with more information about the testing process. If you think there are questions we haven’t yet answered please let us know by using this Microsoft form and we will do our best to answer them in the FAQs.

If you have a very specific personal question about the testing process, please email or call 0113 3438577.

Stay safe and take care.

Best wishes
Student communications team