eNews extra: coronavirus (#29) sent 30 October 2020

Coronavirus (covid-19)

  • Leeds COVID alert level moves to very high from Monday 2 November
  • Help us improve the digital learning experience
  • Updated data: Coronavirus cases among staff and students
  • In case you missed it last week…
  • Useful information and links…
  • Keeping up to date…

New this week…

Leeds COVID alert level moves to very high from Monday 2 November

Leeds and the rest of West Yorkshire will move to a local ‘COVID alert’ of ‘very high’ (Tier 3) from Monday. At this stage, we expect the impact on the University to be minimal. Government guidelines remain the same for universities in a Tier 3 local COVID alert level as they are for Tier 2. Further details are set out in the communication sent to all colleagues on Thursday 22 October about what to expect in Tier 3. Your line manager will speak to you if there is any change to your role; otherwise, you should assume that the change of Tier will not affect your working arrangements.

If additional measures are subsequently introduced, we will assess them and let you know what impact they will have on the University as soon as possible.

Help us improve the digital learning experience

Next week we’re launching staff and student surveys with Jisc to gather insights on staff and student experiences of digital learning. This year, this insight is going to be more important than ever. If you have a student-facing role, find out more about the digital experience surveys which open on 2 November.

Updated data | Coronavirus cases among staff and students

The health and safety of our students and staff is our absolute priority. To support this and to ensure transparency, we are publishing a weekly update on the numbers of positive covid-19 test results along with a graph that shows the number of active cases over the last two weeks.

In case you missed it last week… 

Questions from Working Together: Autumn Term 2020

If you missed our sessions on the steps we’re taking to welcome back students and deliver a high quality education in the coming academic year, we’ve summarised many of the most frequently asked questions and those that received the greatest number of ‘thumbs up’ in the chat bar.

Taking a break: Annual Leave

We are encouraging you to discuss plans with colleagues and managers and schedule your annual leave. The mental health and wellbeing of our staff is important and never more so than during the challenges faced over the last six months. Our annual leave policies have not changed and continue to apply.

Workplace support for your mental wellbeing

If you’re experiencing depression, anxiety, stress or other mental health issues affecting your work, you can access nine months of free, confidential and one-to-one workplace mental health support from Remploy. This service complements the support already available from our Staff Counselling and Occupational Health teams.

Impact of UK clocks changing – University laptops

Last Sunday (25 October) the clocks went back and most University-managed laptops updated their clock automatically. If your laptop did not update:

Useful information and links…

If you receive a positive covid-19 test result please self-isolate, advise your line manager as soon as possible and report your result to the University.

Read our full guidance on how to report and what to do if you experience covid-19 symptoms, test positive or need to self-isolate. Absence not related to coronavirus should continue to be reported in the normal way.

Key advice and info:

Teaching and research

Keeping up to date…

Keep checking our coronavirus website for the latest information and advice as we get it. We’ll also alert you to key changes each week via eNews extra.

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