Approved staff

Updated: 12 January 2021

The University sees the health, safety and wellbeing of its staff and students as its priority and currently expects most staff to continue working remotely.

A new process to authorise some staff to come back onto campus for essential work is now in place. Staff granted access as part of this process are referred to as ‘Approved staff’ and added to the ‘Approved Staff List’.

What are ‘Approved staff’ and what do they need to do?

Approved staff are staff (and PGRs) whose presence on campus has been approved following this process:

Staff who need to be on campus to support the re-opening of University buildings or to restart research/ education/ other work activity

The Executive Dean/ Director or Head of School/ Service is responsible for the approval of staff who need to return to work in identified locations on campus. Once approved, the Facilities / Building Manger or nominated contact for the building(s) adds the staff names to the Approved Staff List for the relevant building(s). They also notify the FD Office Support Team who update the Estates E-locking team and ensure that the relevant fob access required for the individual will be re-instated/granted.

If you need to be added to the Approved Staff List for a building, please contact either your Facilities Manager, Building Manager or Nominated Contact for the building you wish to access  (or your Head of School/Service or Executive Dean/Director), who can advise on the next steps. Local arrangements are in place to ensure that building maximum capacities are not exceeded. Before coming onto campus you will receive a Staff Information Sheet from FD office support.

Staff who need to pay a brief one-off visit to collect DSE equipment

You need to be authorised by your Head of School/ Service who will liaise with their Facilities/ Building Manager and/or a local coordinator to arrange a collection.

Staff who need to return to collect items as they are leaving the University

You need to be authorised by your Head of School/ Service who will send on the request for access to HR. Once this is agreed, HR will send your name to the FD Estates Office to be put on the Approved List. FD Estates Office will then email you to agree access with Security and share a guidance sheet for safe working / access.

Staff who are being fast tracked by Occupational Health for DSE equipment

You need to be authorised by Health and Safety Services or Occupational Health. Once this is agreed, they will send your name to the FD Estates Office to be put on the Approved List. FD Estates Office will then email you to agree access with Security and share a guidance sheet for safe working / access.

Why is there a set process to come onto campus?

The health, safety and wellbeing of our staff and students is paramount, and the University needs to ensure this through local approval and a centrally held ‘Approved Staff List’. This means Security is aware of who is on campus, when and where and also supports the track and trace approach. Access via fob activated doors on campus is currently restricted. As part of the Approved Staff List process you will be given access as required.

Will this process change in future?

This process will be reviewed and updated as the plans to return to campus develop.

Nominated contacts for University buildings

Astbury Building: Slobodan Babic
Baines Wing: Jon Stothard
Brotherton Library and Extension: Stephen Day
Cavendish Road 3-9: Azim Abadi
C E U Building: Slobodan Babic
Charles Thackrah Building: Tamsin Barrow
Chemical and Process Engineering: Jerry Lee/Peter Thompson
Chemistry: Jerry Lee/Peter Thompson/ Bob Finch
Civil Engineering: Jerry Lee/Peter Thompson
Clarendon Building: Tamsin Barrow
Cloth Hall Court: Vicki Parker
Clothworkers’ Building Central: Azim Abadi
Clothworkers’ Building Link: Azim Abadi
Clothworkers’ Building North: Azim Abadi
Clothworkers’ Building South: Azim Abadi
Conference Auditorium: Kim Smith
Cromer Terrace Gymnasium: Suzanne Glavin
E C Stoner Building: Vicki Parker – Mailroom / Helen Crane – IT / Bob Finch
Edward Boyle Library: Stephen Day
Electrical Engineering: Jerry Lee/Peter Thompson
Energy Building: Jerry Lee/Peter Thompson
Facilities Directorate Building: Majid Khan
Fairbairn House – Main Building: Bob Finch
Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies: Azim Abadi
Food Sciences Building: Bob Finch
Garstang Building: Slobodan Babic
Garstang Building North: Bob Finch
Generating Station Complex: Majid Khan
Gryphon Sports Centre, Western Campus: Suzanne Glavin
Hillary Place 5-9: contact for information
Hopewell House: Kim Smith
Irene Manton Building: Slobodan Babic
IT Services: Helen Crane – IT
Jerusalem Chapel: Suzanne Glavin
L C Miall Building: Slobodan Babic
Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Building: Kim Smith
Maths/Earth and Environment: Bob Finch
Maurice Keyworth Building: Tamsin Barrow
Mechanical Engineering: Jerry Lee/Peter Thompson
Medicine & Health Library: Stephen Day
Michael Sadler Building: Kim Smith/ Azim Abadi
Newlyn Building: Tamsin Barrow
North Hill Road 10: Ian Crawshaw
Parkinson Building: Craig Hirst – Parkinson Basement (DLO Offices)/ Azim Abadi
PCI and stage@leeds: Azim Abadi
Physics Research Deck: Jerry Lee/Peter Thompson/ Bob Finch – ITS
Priestley Building: Bob Finch
Refectory (University House): Vicki Parker
Roger Stevens: Slobodan Babic – Goods inward level 5/ Bob Finch – Geography Field Store/ Vicki Parker – PCB/ James Dixon-Gough – Bike Hub
School of Music and Clothworkers’ Centenary Concert Hall: Azim Abadi
Selside Outdoor Centre: Suzanne Glavin
Social Sciences Building: Kim Smith
The Brownlee Centre: Suzanne Glavin
The Edge: Suzanne Glavin
The Laidlaw Library: Stephen Day
The Liberty Building: Amanda Hemingway
The LIGHT Building: Jon Stothard
University Road 28: contact for information
University Road 34, 36, 38, 40: Bob Finch – ITS
Weetwood Pavilion – Sports Pavilion: Suzanne Glavin
Weetwood Rugby Stand and Bar: Suzanne Glavin
Wellcome Trust Brenner Building: Jon Stothard
Western Lecture Theatre Building, Western Campus: Azim Abadi/ Tamsin Barrow – primary
William Tweddle Clinical Sciences Building: Jon Stothard
Willow Terrace FBS Laboratories: Slobodan Babic
Woodhouse Lane 175/177: Ian Crawshaw
Workshop Theatre: Azim Abadi
Worsley Building: Jon Stothard