Manager toolkit

Updated 8 September 2021

As more activity starts to take place on campus in a gradual transition, we will all have new things to consider: how to decide who works on campus and when; how to book working and meeting spaces; and how to maintain a sense of team and community.

Our key focus is on the health, safety and wellbeing of all members of our University community and as a guiding principle, we urge consideration, collegiality and respect for each other, particularly as we all get used to the changes in the government guidance.  It’s important to acknowledge that in each member of our community will be experiencing the return to campus from their own unique position, both mentally and physically.  

This toolkit contains guidance and suggestions and we will develop this resource throughout the next few months as we try new things and learn more together.


Rediscovering campus checklist (opens in Excel)

Manager guide to returning to campus (opens in PowerPoint)

Team planning spreadsheet (opens in Excel)

Office guidance (opens in Word)

Manager guide to team meetings about returning (opens in Word)

IT principles for returning to campus (opens in IT knowledge base website)

Safety measures in place (web page)

Manager guidance to support staff when being notified of a positive COVID-19 test (opens in Word)

Form for colleagues who wish to discuss concerns or reasonable adjustments (opens in MS Forms)

How do leaders agree what days, hours should be worked on campus and at home?

Local arrangements need to be put into place to via discussions within your department, school or service, to determine which activities need to be brought back initially, based on business need. Initially, you may have limited office space to use in order to transition some activities back on to campus. Creating a priority order across the service will assist in identifying those who will come on to campus, the frequency etc. For example, an activity may be better completed on campus as it creates an opportunity for several team members to get together to collaborate on a project for example which could take priority over team members coming in and mainly participating in Teams calls. We encourage you to discuss and plan openly with your team, so they can contribute to the discussions. In order to assist you in planning your team, the team planning tool may be useful for planning at a local level.

What do I do if someone doesn’t want to come on to campus?

It is understandable that there will be a range of emotions when discussing which activities will return to campus, over the coming months. To support our transition back to campus we are encouraging you to start ‘rediscovering campus’ a concept which is designed to encourage people to visit campus, book a campus tour, update IT equipment, clear previous office space and visit new offices. If you are part of a professional service team you will have a designated ‘service champion’ who will be co-ordinating this activity. In academic spaces, faculty facilities managers are working alongside schools to support and manage the return to campus.

Where team members raise concerns around returning to campus, arrange to speak one-to-one with them, understand their concerns and refer to the tools in this toolkit to answer their questions. For instance, this could range from general reassurance that you can help with to specific medical concerns that need exploring further. If you need further support, contact your head of department, school or service or your HR representative. There is a form for those who wish to discuss reasonable adjustments related to working on campus

Will there be an approved list for access buildings?

No, the approved list will no longer be required from 1 September 2021

Do all staff need to complete the HR return to campus questionnaire?

No, from 1 September 2021 the return to campus questionnaire will no longer be used, in the current format. It has been replaced by a revised shortened questionnaire which is the mechanism for any staff member to use who has concerns around returning to campus and/or who requires a reasonable adjustment to support their return to campus. The questionnaires will be reviewed by the local HR team with liaison and support from Occupational Health, where necessary.

Who should I contact if my building hasn’t been signed off to use?

Please contact your local health and safety representative to understand the current progress being made and timescales for sign off.

What do I do if I need to arrange for a contractor I manage, to come onto campus?

You will need to request and check their Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) for the work activity before work starts. These assessments must be site-specific and include COVID-19 control measures. You can get advice from your health and safety team. All Facilities Directorate-appointed contractors are already managed by the Estates team.