Working on campus

Updated 12 April 2021

It is expected that the majority of staff will continue to work from home unless notified that they can come onto campus.

For staff notified that they can come on to campus, the following safety measures are in place.

Before coming to campus

  • You must be on the approved staff list for ongoing work or for one-off visits. One-off visits are authorised via Heads of School/Service and follow a carefully-managed procedure
  • Book a Lateral Flow Device Test
  • Complete the HR Return to Campus Questionnaire
  • Please talk to your line manager if you or your household are in more vulnerable groups
  • If you have any symptoms of coronavirus, do not come to campus. Follow NHS advice and inform your line manager
  • Please read information about accessing and safe use of the building you will be visiting, not all areas may be open and you may not be able to access your usual desk/space
  • Plan to limit your time on campus, for example consider if writing up experiments can be done at home
  • Children cannot be brought onto campus unless you are dropping them off at Bright Beginnings Please talk to your line manager if you need to discuss how to balance caring responsibilities
  • Bring food, snacks and drinks as campus services are currently limited
  • If you are a first aider, see the FAQs and extra guidance available
  • If you need support in planning your travel to campus, please see our travel information online or email:

While you’re on campus

We ask that our staff and student community work together to stay safe and follow our safety guidelines.

We all need do our bit: it’s everyone’s responsibility to remember Hands. Face. Space.

  • Hands: soap or hand sanitiser should be used regularly
  • Face: see the University information on face coverings and wear a face covering while moving around all indoor areas (corridors, walkways, open-plan offices) and while seated in teaching spaces, libraries and study spaces
  • Space: 2m social distancing is crucial (unless extra control measures are assessed, agreed and put in place).

If you are a member of teaching staff please see our guidance for physical teaching.


We are increasing the fresh air ventilation rate to help dilute any airborne contamination and reduce the risk of exposure to the coronavirus for building users. Changes have been made to increase the fresh air provided to spaces where possible, this includes:

  • Reviewing ventilation system provision and capability.
  • Re-programming and checking all heating and ventilation systems.
  • Providing 100% fresh air to spaces where practicable by avoiding recirculation of room air.
  • Running ventilation systems at higher volumes of fresh air flow rates.
  • Extending the operation of the ventilation systems by two hours at the start and end of each day.
  • Extending the toilet extract ventilation operating times.

Room temperatures may be lower than normally experienced, and drafts may be more noticeable.

  • Do open windows to improve ventilation.
  • Do wear appropriate clothing.
  • Don’t cover up ventilation supply and extract grilles.


We are opening toilets where possible, have introduced enhanced cleaning routines, and – reflecting updated Government advice – have made either hand dryers or paper towels available in toilets.  We are also asking people to:

  • follow any local signage.
  • If space is limited, use a ‘one in/ one out’ system or knock/ call to check if there’s someone in there first, before entering.
  • To ensure effective hand hygiene, make sure your hands are completely dry before leaving the room.


  • You will see thorough and increased cleaning in buildings open on campus.
  • Materials are provided at the cleaning stations to clean your own work surfaces / workstations before and after use. Laboratories have specific cleaning requirements to follow.
  • If you notice a fault such as broken hand sanitiser please report this by emailing Estates Helpdesk:
  • If you need some new cleaning materials or notice some supplies need topping up, such as hand sanitiser stations, blue roll, selgiene etc., please use this form. We are trying to use selgiene (sanitising spray) and blue roll whenever possible as this is more environmentally friendly than wipes. Selgiene spray nozzles can be used several times and we can refill bottles if you return empty bottle with lids to Cleaning Services in Hillary Place. When ordering please indicate if you are requiring spray nozzles.

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