Staff FAQs

Updated 18 January 2021

We are closely monitoring government advice and we’ll be regularly reviewing our approach and updating this web page as matters develop.


Caring responsibilities

Working arrangements

Supporting essential University services

Wellbeing and support

Online teaching and learning

I have had to cancel my attendance at an overseas event – will I be recompensed?

In light of the University’s decision to withdraw from all work related overseas travel, it is inevitable that all costs may not be recoverable. Assuming the travel and activity was authorised and booked in line with University policy, directly related expenses will be reimbursed.

What is the situation at Bright Beginnings Childcare Centre?

Please check the Bright Beginnings Childcare Centre website for information about the delivery of childcare services on campus.

What information is available about working arrangements?

Please view our pay and working arrangements page.

Could I be required to take on different work for the University during this period?

Yes, we may require you to be flexible and undertake alternative duties to ensure that the University is able to deliver essential services. If you are unable to undertake your normal role, fully or partially, you may be deployed temporarily to an alternative role or redeployed permanently or on a longer term basis. This includes staff who have been on furlough leave. We will discuss any potential temporary deployment/redeployment role with you, we will give advance notice (where possible) of deployment/ redeployment, and we will provide the necessary training, support and equipment (if applicable) to ensure that you are able to effectively deliver the alternative role.

What if I don’t want to return to campus ?

When required to return to campus, you will be asked to complete a Return to Work on Campus Questionnaire which requests information relating to your personal circumstances and concerns (including those relating to caring responsibilities, travel arrangements and protected characteristics). You can discuss any part of the Questionnaire with your Head of School/Service. If you’d prefer, you can discuss your circumstances in confidence with your local HR Manager. Any mitigating factors will be given full consideration and any reasonable adjustments and potential leave options (e.g. annual leave, parental leave or unpaid leave) will be explored. If the requirement to return to campus remains, you will be given a clear explanation as to the reasons for requiring your return, and reassurance will be given regarding the health and safety measures in place.

We will continue to do our utmost to resolve all matters amicably. However, in circumstances where this does not prove possible, a continued inability to reach an agreement on returning to a role on campus may result in pay being withheld on the grounds of the withdrawal of labour. In exceptional circumstances, the disciplinary process may be instigated but other options will be explored before undertaking this course of action.

I have a student that says anxiety about coronavirus is affecting their studies – what should I do?

We understand that this situation may affect our students in different ways and they may need practical help, emotional support or expert advice. View our information about campus support services.

The following student guidance is also available:

There are also coronavirus FAQs for students available.

I have a student/staff member who has reported being bullied or harassed about coronavirus – what should I do?

As members of the Leeds community, we expect all staff and students to respect one another and treat each other kindly. This is particularly important during difficult periods, such as the current global coronavirus outbreak.

If you or a student have experienced any form of bullying or harassment, please be reassured that the University takes this very seriously. View information and guidance on what to do.

There are also coronavirus FAQs for students available.

Where can I access support and advice?

Support is available via your HR Manager, your Health & Safety Manager ( and the University’s Occupational Health Service (

Remote staff counselling is available by video or phone. For psychological support or advice email or if you are unable to email, phone 0113 343 3694.

Visit the Wellbeing, Safety and Health team’s wellbeing webpage for guidance and tips on looking after your physical and mental wellbeing.

The GOV.UK website also has guidance on the mental health and wellbeing aspects of coronavirus (COVID-19)

Is Collaborate Ultra secure?

If used correctly, yes. There have been some incidents where people have joined a session who shouldn’t, due to links being shared.

It is important that you set up your Collaborate Ultra sessions according to the guidance and only share session links where it is appropriate to do so and through secure channels. If you do need to share a guest link with people outside the University, you can do so using Minerva guest links. Guidance on how to do this is included in the link above.