Updated 29 April 2020

The response to the current Coronavirus pandemic requires a city-wide response. The NHS and Leeds City Council are both looking for volunteers to help with a range of roles during the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Help is needed in a variety of areas including collecting shopping and prescriptions for people who may not be able to do so themselves, offering transport for people or equipment, and checking in on people over the phone who may be isolated and lonely.

The University is supporting the recruitment of volunteers.

If you have capacity (due to not being able to work at home/ or partially working from home) and by agreement with your Head of School/Service (or nominee), we are supportive of our staff helping to ensure that vital activities to public health and safety are delivered during the Covid-19 lockdown period. Please ensure that the organisation recruiting volunteers has the appropriate risk assessments and insurance in place. Your University work activities will normally take precedence (clinical staff may be an exception). If you are a member of the University’s Critical Activities Team or are fully operational working from home, we support you to volunteer in your non-working time. Volunteering must be unpaid if you are receiving your University salary during this period.

29 April 2020: We are reviewing details for volunteering opportunities and will publish updates as new schemes open or re-open to volunteers.