Get ready to learn online

We suggest that you take the following steps to prepare for the move to learning online.

Learn how to study online

All students are invited to take a free online course developed by online learning and higher education teaching experts from the University’s Digital Education Service, which aims to ensure that you can:

  • Develop effective online learning strategies
  • Produce useful and reflective notes to support online study
  • Contribute meaningfully to online learning discussions
  • Collaborate productively online
  • Find, evaluate and use online information to develop your own opinion

The ‘Preparing to learn online at university’ course is available for free on FutureLearn. We also have a selection of other University of Leeds courses that will help you develop your subject-specific skills and academic skills.

Sign up for these free online courses:

Access the Prepare to learn online at university courses and many others on Minerva.

Help and support

For more advice on accessing Futurelearn, email

LinkedIn Learning

You can also access a collection of training on LinkedIn Learning, about managing change and working remotely. It includes topics such as building resilience, maintaining a work – life balance and time management.

Refresh your knowledge with a Student IT Induction

The Student IT Induction is designed for students new to IT at the University of Leeds, but may serve as a useful refresher. It covers IT essentials such as your username, password and security, as well as useful services like computing off campus. There’s information on University Systems such as Minerva and email as well as advice on how to get help.

Start the Student IT Induction

Check Minerva regularly

Minerva will be your key portal for access to teaching  during online learning. Through Minerva you will access learning content and take part in activities directed by your tutors.

Each module that you are studying will have a dedicated site in Minerva through which your tutors will make your learning content and activities available to you. You should ensure that you are logging into Minerva regularly (we advise logging in daily during this period) to make sure you are up to date. Your tutors may need to make changes to planned activities at short notice.

If you need a refresher on using Minerva, please work through our guide to Minerva.