Updated 1 April 2020 12.20pm

Why does my lecture recording need captions?

Our drive to produce captions for audio-video recordings is part of our inclusive teaching practice strategy. Captions on audio-video recordings help to improve engagement and provide you with a more flexible, inclusive learning experience and are an essential resource for some students. We are also required to provide captions on video recordings as part of the new Web Accessibility legislation, which comes into force in September 2020.

How will I know if captions are available on my recordings in Minerva?

If captions are available on a recording a ‘CC’ button will be present next to the volume indicator in the Mediasite player. Once clicked the captions will appear on the lecture recording.

Can I turn the captions off?

Captions can be turned on or off using the ‘CC’ button next to the volume indicator in the Mediasite player.

Can I download the captions as a transcript?

No, a transcript will not be available on a video to download. However you can contact the content owner (the lecturer who posted the video) for a transcript but it will not be 100% accurate, do not use it as the sole source of the truth you should check the statements in the transcript against other sources.

How accurate are the captions?

Captions will be created automatically by a machine and will contain mistakes. The accuracy of the captions produced will depend on the ability of the machine to understand the voice of the presenter and the quality of the audio available.  It is important to remember to not use these captions as a sole source of truth. You should check the statements in the captions against other sources, such as the lecture materials (e.g. slides, notes etc.), and using validated sources.

Will someone be checking the captions?

As over 40,000 hours of lectures are produced each year, we are not able to check all automated captions. If you have concerns about the inaccuracy of captions please contact the Disability Services or your lecturer or module leader.

How quickly will captions appear on a recording?

It will take on average 24 hours for captions to appear on a recording once it has been published.

Why are there no captions available on my recordings?

At this stage, this is a pilot, and staff are manually submitting recordings for captioning. Therefore, not all recordings will be published with captions available.