What happens if I travel abroad over the break and my return travel is affected by changing COVID-19 travel regulations? 

If for any reason you’re unable to return to Leeds, you should contact your school to discuss next steps. The university position is that all students are expected to arrive on time for the start of teaching, however, we will work with you to support a late arrival wherever we can. 

You can find other information on our page about travelling internationally while COVID-19 restrictions apply. 

Will the university cover my quarantine hotel costs if I travelled abroad over the winter break? 

Quarantine cost payments are for people travelling to Leeds to the first time only, so will not be available to anyone returning to the UK after a trip away. 

Will I get face to face teaching in semester 2?

Currently, our plan is to continue with our current approach to teaching for semester 2, which you can read more about on our arrangements for 2021/22 page.

Current guidance from the Department for Education is that education should not be disrupted during this period that teaching and learning (and related activities) should not be moved online during this period.

Why has the University chosen not to fully return to face-to-face teaching?

We have retained a mixture of online and face-to-face teaching for a number of educational, operational and safety reasons. We know that many of you are enjoying the mix of face-to-face and online provision and the advantages this approach to teaching brings. We have fixed the technical issues with lecture capture and live streaming to improve the online experience.