Advice for disabled students

Updated 6 July 2020

We understand that disabled students may have particular concerns about coronavirus, both in terms of the impact on their health and wellbeing, and in accessing existing one to one support through Disability Services.

Managing risk and the impact on study

We are aware that some disabled students are likely to be considered in a ‘high risk’ group in relation to coronavirus, either because of their susceptibility to the virus, or the potential impact on their wellbeing should they contract it, or both. We recognise that disabled students may have to make different decisions to their non-disabled peers in order to manage this risk.

We have provided guidance to Schools advising them to take disability into consideration in relation to attendance requirements or the submission of coursework.

The University will look to put in place appropriate arrangements to enable you to continue your learning in a way that takes account of your disability. If this is not possible, your school will discuss what can be done on a case-by-case basis.

As with any scenario, if you have health related questions, you should contact your doctor or the NHS and follow their advice.

Access to one to one support from Disability Services

Disability Services offices are closed from 5pm on Wednesday 20 March 2020. Disability Services staff will be working from home where possible, and will continue to support disabled students using online systems. In person appointments and Drop Ins will not be available.

We are able to provide Specialist Mentoring and Specialist Study Skills Tutoring via video calling e.g. by Skype or Microsoft Teams. Please contact your mentor or tutor about making arrangements if you need a remote support session.

We are also able to provide some other forms of support remotely. Please contact the Support Worker Team office if you require this.

Please continue to use your normal methods of contacting the Support Worker Team or you can use the Support Worker Team office email

Needs Assessment Services

Needs Assessments are also being carried out remotely. Please contact to book an appointment or ask any questions. We are happy to discuss any concerns raised by individual students and address those practically to the best of our abilities.

Online learning

Any queries relating to online learning and its provision should be directed to

Ongoing support from Disability Services

Please contact us by email in the first instance at and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

As we may have limited access to our systems and databases, please include the following information when emailing Disability Services:

  • Your Student ID Number
  • Your course of study
  • Details of any previous contact that relates to your current enquiry (e.g. who you have discussed this with before).

If you are concerned about the impact of coronavirus on your disability support, you can contact us for further information and advice.