University accommodation residents’ FAQs

Updated 22 April 2021

What will happen with rent costs for University accommodation following the latest updates on the spring term?

If you live in University-allocated accommodation, you can apply for a refund of rent costs up to 16 May if:

  • you normally live in University-allocated accommodation,
  • you are not required to be on campus for face-to-face teaching AND
  • you have not been living in your University-allocated accommodation since the 11th January 2021 AND are not planning to return to live in your accommodation before 16th May 2021.

Residential services will email with further details about how to apply.

It is important that you do not cancel your payment plan or direct debit – any future instalments will be adjusted accordingly.

My residence is managed by a private provider (such as Unite) but I was placed here by the University, can I apply for a rent refund?

Yes, if you were allocated your accommodation by the University of Leeds then you are eligible to apply for a rent refund – provided that you are not required to be on campus for face-to-face teaching and have decided not to live in your accommodation.

What is the situation for students who are self-isolating in University residences?

Please see our information on how we can support you if you need to self-isolate.

You can speak to your Residence Life Warden at your accommodation if you have any concerns or queries. You can also contact the Residence Life team at or phone 0113 343 5068. Students who are self-isolating in our residences will be contacted by the Residence Life team and given advice, guidance and support for the duration of their period of self-isolation.

All students living in our halls of residence should follow national and local government rules and guidelines. We have not placed our halls of residence in quarantine or lockdown. Students living in University accommodation are responsible for following the guidelines. However, we cannot ignore student behaviour that puts the health, safety or welfare of others at risk, and will take appropriate disciplinary action to address any such situation.

I’ve heard about a positive case of coronavirus in my block – why haven’t I been informed?

We will only disclose detailed information about a positive case of coronavirus in a residence to other residents if they have had known contact with the case that could put them at risk. We monitor this on a case by case basis.

How are we going to get food as we can’t get an online shop?

If you are struggling with ordering food online, you could first ask a friend who is not self-isolating to shop for you and to drop these items off at your flat door. If a friend cannot assist you, then please get in touch with We have further guidance on ordering food and other essential supplies. If this is not an option for yourself you can order an emergency food parcel from the University.

Who do I contact to let them know I’ve tested negative and no longer need to isolate? also is evidence required?

Please see our information about symptoms, testing and self-isolation.

I have been confirmed positive for covid-19 and there are other people in the flat with symptoms who are awaiting results – what do we do now?

You should ensure that you have all completed the University residences self-isolating reporting form. If the other members of your household test positive they should complete the form again to tell us this is the case. If they test negative they should email to let us know. The residence life team will then be in touch with more information and support to help you and your flatmates during the self-isolation. Following government rules, all your flatmates will need to self-isolate as per government rules from the date you got your positive test result, regardless of your results. You will also need to isolate as per government rules from the day of your positive test result.

All my flatmates have been contacted by the NHS Test and Trace and advised to self-isolate apart from myself – what I do?

Following government guidance if you have not been told yourself by NHS Test and Trace to self-isolate you do not need to do so, unless you or other members of your flat start to experience symptoms.

I’m not sure if I need to get a coronavirus test. What should I do?

Please see our information on symptoms, positive testing and self-isolation.

Personal reasons and tighter travel restrictions are making it harder for me to arrive in Leeds – what should I do?

Following government guidance, University advice is not to travel to campus unless your School has informed you that you are allowed to return for in-person teaching at this time. We understand that some students who do not need to be on campus have already made international travel bookings which would be difficult or expensive to change. In this situation we will welcome and support you. Make sure you let us know when you plan to arrive by completing our international arrival form so that we can support your travel and arrival.

If you are delayed in travelling to Leeds or are changing your travel plans, please make sure you keep in contact with our Accommodation Office 0113 343 7777 and your School to let them know your plans.

Are you going to carry out a full deep clean as I’ve been told someone in my residence/accommodation block has covid-19.

All students are advised to wash and sanitise their hands regularly, wear a face covering in communal areas and keep at least 2m apart from other students who don’t live in the same flat or household. Communal areas throughout our residences are being cleaned frequently throughout the day and special attention is being given to cleaning all frequent touch points such as door handles, lift panels and furniture.

Can we use a laundrette if we are isolating?

Unfortunately, if you are living in a residence that has communal laundry facilities, you are advised not to use it, or any launderette, while you are self-isolating and for a further three days afterwards, per government guidance. However, if you live in University-allocated accommodation, then you will be able to use contactless laundry provider PingLocker to have your laundry collected, washed and returned from outside of your flat door. The process is completely covid-safe and is available even if your flat is self-isolating.

If the car park gate is closed, does this mean my halls are in lockdown?

Our car park gates are closed to maintain the security and safety of our sites. All pedestrian gates can be opened by students at all times. Vehicle access will be permitted if you have a car parking permit for your residence.

If my accommodation is closed at the weekend, does this mean it is in lockdown?

Our halls are never closed to the students who live in them. Student residents are all provided with keys to leave and enter our sites. Some site offices close at weekends and vehicle access and exit will then only be possible for car park permit holders and emergency vehicles.