Asymptomatic testing centre privacy notice

Staff at the Test Centre will need to access the data that you enter in the booking system in order to verify your identity and to keep a record of the number of appointments that were kept (this information will be anonymised at the end of every day).

We may also use some anonymised data for statistical analysis and reporting.

The University will not share your data with any third party.

If you have booked a test your information will be deleted from the booking system by the end of the Spring term.

You can decide, at any point, to have your information deleted from the system (either before or after you attend an appointment) by contacting

The University is not the controller for the sample that you provide at the Test Centre, it will be owned by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC). They may, depending on the outcome of your test results, share your data with the NHS Test and Trace service. Please refer to the NHS Test and Trace privacy notice for further information.

Please tick the box on the booking form to indicate that you consent to the processing of the personal data that you enter into the booking system, and that you understand that the test sample you provide will be controlled by the DHSC.