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Updated 12 January 2022

Book a COVID-19 vaccine at Leeds Beckett University

Students and staff from any university or higher education institution in Leeds can book a coronavirus (COVID-19) booster jab or their first dose of the vaccine at the vaccination centre in Old Broadcasting House, Leeds Beckett University, in Woodhouse Lane. You can also walk-in without an appointment. The centre is open 

  • Tuesday 11 January, 10am – 5pm 
  • Friday 14 January, 10am – 5pm 
  • Tuesday 18 January, 10am – 5pm 
  • Friday 21 January, 10am – 5pm 
  • Tuesday 25 January, 10am-5pm
  • Friday 28 January, 10am-5pm

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the vaccination centre?

Students and staff from any of these higher education institutions can use the booking centre: 

  • Leeds Arts University 
  • Leeds Beckett University 
  • Leeds Conservatoire 
  • Leeds Trinity University  
  • Northern School of Contemporary Dance  
  • The University of Law 
  • University of Leeds 
  • Leeds College of Building
  • Leeds City College

Where is the vaccination centre?

The vaccination centre is being hosted by Leeds Beckett University and is in Old Broadcasting House, on Woodhouse Lane. 

When is it open?

The vaccination centre is open for two weeks, from Monday 10 January 2022. The centre is open on:  

  • Tuesday 11 January, 10am – 5pm 
  • Friday 14 January, 10am – 5pm 
  • Tuesday 18 January, 10am – 5pm 
  • Friday 21 January, 10am – 5pm 
  • Tuesday 25 January, 10am-5pm
  • Friday 28 January, 10am-5pm

When can I get my vaccines?

  1. You can get your first dose of the vaccine right now.  
  2. You can receive your second dose eight weeks later.  
  3. You can receive your booster dose three months after your second dose. 

Is this just for boosters or can I have any vaccine here?

Your first dose of the vaccine, or the booster vaccine can be given at the centre. You do not need to stipulate whether it is your first dose or a booster jab when you book.  

Second doses of the vaccine cannot be booked at this centre. If you need to book a second vaccine please visit the NHS Coronavirus vaccination website. 

Do I have to book, or can I just turn up?

It’s best to book an appointment but we also accept walk-ins. 

What type of vaccine will I be given?

The vaccination centre will be using the Moderna vaccine. 

Does it matter if my first and second vaccination were not the Moderna vaccine?

No. The Moderna vaccine is an effective booster for most COVID-19 vaccines. 

Do I need to be registered with a doctor or GP surgery?

No. You don’t need to be registered with a GP surgery. However if you need a booster vaccine please bring details of your previous vaccines if you have them.  

You can register with a local doctor sometimes called a GP or general practitioner anytime, for free.  

I’m an international student and had my vaccines outside of the UK, am I eligible?

You may be eligible for a booster jab. Come along to the centre and we can discuss this with you. If you have them, please bring details of your first COVID-19 vaccines if you are not registered with a doctor or GP surgery. 

Do I need an NHS number?

If you know your NHS number please bring this with you. It will help staff in the vaccination centre find your details. Find your NHS number online or by using the NHS app. 

Do I need to bring proof of previous vaccines I’ve received?

For all UK residents and students registered with a GP surgery or doctor in the UK, your vaccination records will be available to us on the system. Please bring your NHS number with you, if you know it. Find your NHS number online or by using the NHS app. 

If you are not registered with a GP surgery or doctor, then please bring with you details of the previous COVID-19 vaccines you have received, if you have them. 

What do I need to bring with me?

  • A face covering, unless you cannot wear one for a health or disability reason. 
  • A copy of your booking confirmation (an electronic copy on your phone is fine). 
  • Your NHS number, if you are registered with a doctor in the UK, and you know your number. 
  • If you received your first two doses of the vaccine outside of the UK please bring with you details of your first vaccines, if you have them. You may not be able to be vaccinated without this. 

Where else can I get a vaccination in Leeds?

Find an up-to-date list of walk-in vaccination centres in Leeds, including directions. This page is updated regularly, and new places are frequently added. 

Who is running the vaccination centre?

The vaccination centre is being run by Pharm-assist (Healthcare) Ltd, a Leeds based pharmacy provider. The centre is being hosted at Leeds Beckett University, in partnership with all higher education institutions in Leeds.  

How do I cancel or rearrange my appointment?

If you need to cancel or change your appointment, please let us know by using the ‘change your appointment’ link in the confirmation email. 

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

Read our list of questions and answers for students, including international students.   

If you have further questions about the vaccine please contact the NHS by calling 119 or visiting the NHS website. Alternatively, please call into the vaccination centre and staff will do their best to answer your questions there.  

Book a COVID-19 vaccine at Leeds Student Medical Practice

You can also book a COVID-19 vaccination appointment at Leeds Student Medical Practice. You don’t have to be registered at the practice to book a vaccine.

Anyone can receive their first, second or booster vaccine every Thursday afternoon between 2pm and 5pm, until the end of March.

It’s by appointment only via the National Booking Service or ringing 119.